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Specialty Pharmacy is a compassionate and considerate pharmacy serving both human and animal patients. We are experts with Sterile & Non Sterile compounding, Commercial Drugs and Supplies.

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    Sterile Compounding
    Injectables and Ophthalmic Solutions
  • Pestle and mortar
    Non-Sterile Compounding
    Capsules, Creams, Drops, Gels, Troches, Lotions, Ointments, Solutions, Sprays, Suppositories, Suspensions, Tablets
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    Commercial Drugs & Supplies
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Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5pm

Phone: 503-303-7111

Fax: 503-210-0388


9150 SW Pioneer Court #E
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

About Specialty Pharmacy

We value a quality and safe compound, quick turn times, free or close to it shipping, our customers, our employees, our families, honesty, integrity and hard work. For all who have supported us, please understand how much we value and care for you!

Thank you,
Ron Beaman and Brandon Blondheim.